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Purple Glass Tiles - 1 cm - 100g - Over 100 Squares

Purple Glass Tiles - 1 cm - 100g - Over 100 Squares

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This is a set of small glass mosaic tiles that have a baked on backing to give them their color. Because it is a backing, these tiles have depth to them. These are a violet shade of purple. While the color is solid, there is some slight variation in color from tile to tile.

100g is over 100 tiles.
They are 1cm (H) x 1cm (W) x 0.4cm (thickness) in size. (Approximately 3/8" x 3/8" x 1/6")

These are small enough that they would work well in mosaic jewelry and other smaller projects. They are not recommended for outdoor installations.

Please note that these tiles are a solid color, as shown in the last photo. Other photos have reflections from the sunny day.

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