You Know What to Do!

One of my favorite quotes.  You know what to do.  You know what your music is.  Go create!

Stop living like there is something wrong with you

Funny Video of Me Poking a Tin!

I had originally loaded this on Facebook, but when I wanted to point it out to someone else, I thought this would be a better place to have it.  If you’re interested in purchasing my window tins, but aren’t sure how sturdy the plastic window is, I understand!  I’ve bought tins myself with those flimsy […]

Boston Mosaics

I was in Boston last week and we walked across the Charlestown Bridge to get to the USS Constitution (which I highly recommend visiting).  After crossing the bridge, we stumbled upon the Paul Revere Park.  It’s a gorgeous park.  And the entrance to the park had some beautiful mosaics. Now that I’m home, I’ve done a […]

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New Badge Holder

I use a badge holder at my day job.  I had created the one on the left several years ago, and it has taken a beating!  So it was time to create a new one, especially since I’m in a bit of crafting withdrawal at the moment!  (I haven’t been able to craft for a […]