Weekly Tweet Wrap Up – April 24, 2011

I’ve posted about several Easter craft ideas this week, but considering today is Easter (Happy Easter!) and it’s after 10pm, I’m guessing you’re not interested in those anymore, so I’ll skip them.  Which makes this week’s list a little short, but here it is: Crafts How About Orange has a great tutorial on making some […]

Weekly Tweet Wrap Up – April 17, 2011

This might be for a little over a week, as I’ve haven’t done the weekly wrap up for a few weeks.  (Oops!) So here’s a few of my latest tweets: Crafts If you have some old, ugly, or even broken Easter baskets laying around, give them a new life by covering them in some cute […]

Weekly Tweet Wrap Up – March 6, 2011

Here’s what I’ve been tweeting about this past week.  Along with some great St. Patrick’s Day crafting ideas, I found some good business articles. Crafts: Chica and Jo show you how to make your own St. Patrick’s Day clover place cards.  They use real clover, which for me, would be a problem finding.  All clover […]

Weekly Tweet Wrap Up – February 28, 2011

Here’s what I’ve been tweeting about this past week.  I seem to have been focusing on crafts this week! Crafts: If you sew, these Cutie Pie Gift Bags on Whipup.net are aptly named.  They are really cute, and you could do them in various sizes.  I think any gift would be that much better if wrapped in […]

Weekly Tweet Wrap Up – February 20, 2011

On Twitter, I often post links to interesting articles or blog posts I’ve found.  Here’s a wrap up of what I’ve found this week.  My posts usually fall into 2 categories:  crafting ideas and improve your business/blog. Crafts This was actually a retweet, but it’s so cute, I’m continuing to share it.  On Yahoo’s Associated Content, […]