Boston Mosaics

I was in Boston last week and we walked across the Charlestown Bridge to get to the USS Constitution (which I highly recommend visiting).  After crossing the bridge, we stumbled upon the Paul Revere Park.  It’s a gorgeous park.  And the entrance to the park had some beautiful mosaics.

Now that I’m home, I’ve done a little research to find that there were a few mosaics that I missed, unfortunately.  I also learned that the mosaics were created by artist Susan Gamble, who also created many of the wonderful hand made tiles included in them.  Since I do both mosaics and create tiles, I found these mosaics inspirational in numerous ways!

If you are ever in Boston, make time to stop by the Paul Revere Park.  And spend more time exploring than I did!

Meanwhile, here are a few photos to enjoy:



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